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About Ruben Dario Dimate Velasco

Junio 2018

Biography Online

I publish a public digital biography, along with my new web page, I show my face as part of identification and approach with the possible clients, to strengthen confidence and security.

180º 2018

Agency 180º

I begin my approach with this agency, offering my services to its clients

USA 2017

Freelancer USA

Continuous exporting talent to customers in that country.

+7 2017

Recognitions and awards

In Maruri gray: Bronze Award Excellent Arts in Germany, Grand prix Communication Design, Gold elojodeiberoamerica, Gold Lion Cannes in France, Condor Ecuador

Feb 2016

Coordinator of digital projects

Admission to work at the Maruri Gray agency

ASP.NET 2015

Project Manager- Macsysnet

Driven technology, develop several computer platforms, one of them electronic invoicing .

MVC 2014

Developer Viaxperta

Work as a programmer, strengthening programs for shrimp farms, ERP, in mvc methodology.

3500 2011

Finals Tic America

Finalist with the Kolmena project, of more than 3500 projects in Latin America.

12 2010

College del Valle

I'm a college graduate in the area of ​​computer science.

-- 2007


I create my first website and start designing and programming for clients in Colombia and Spain.